Saturday, March 26, 2005

Does the Bible Foretell President Bush and the Neocons as the Initiators of Armageddon?

According to Michael Drosnin's best selling book, The Bible Code, the Bible foretold the Kennedy assassinations, World War II, the Holocaust, the Hiroshima bomb, the Moon landing, and one more thing: That in the "END OF DAYS" the "WAR OF BUSH" would involve "THE NATIONS UNDER ALL OF HEAVEN."... more


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is too easy.... L-U-S-T-I-G-E-R = 72 + 126 + 114 + 120 + 54 + 42 + 30 + 108 = 666. Archbishop of Paris and the first Jew since Peter to shepard the flock, he would quite possibly chose PeterII as his holy moniker, but even if he didn't - it would still fit like a glove. See prophetic visions of St. Malachy. So obviously the lusty tiger must only wait out one more pope to come to center stage. Good thing too, since he's already 77 yrs of age.

While Malachy's reference to the last pope is ambiguous as to this pope's morality or competence to lead, I believe the last pope would be the anti-christ, who would promote the Beast as a kind of savior.

Bush's phony war on terror is the blender that should spiral humanity rapidly towards frappe, but that doesn't mean he will still be running things when the time comes. He should be credited with getting the show on the road, so the bible code would still be accurate. DCLXVI.

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Blogger doer said...

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