Saturday, April 16, 2005

Will the New Pope Face the ET Question? Probably, But How Will He Answer?

By Thomas Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter – (Raiders News Update) In 1997, popular radio host Art Bell on his program Coast to Coast asked eminent catholic theologian and former Jesuit priest, Malachi Martin why the Vatican was heavily invested in the study of deep space at Mt Graham Observatory in southeastern Arizona. As a retired professor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Father Martin was uniquely qualified to hold in secret, information pertaining to the Vatican's Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) project at the Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO). Martin's answer ignited a firestorm of interest among Christian and secular UFOlogists:

Father Martin: "Because the mentality, the attitude, mentality amongst those who [are] at the higher levels, highest levels of Vatican administration and geopolitics, know that, now, knowledge of what's going on in space, and what's approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years."

The cryptic words "...what's approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years," was followed in subsequent interviews with discussion of a mysterious "sign in the sky" that Father Malachi believed was approaching from the North. Martin passed away in 1999 but not before allegedly telling his good friend Art Bell "a secret," which some believe relates to the space object and the 5-10 year timeframe. In either case, we stand today at the threshold of Father Malachi's words, and with less than 24 months remaining in his prediction.

Would Earthly Religions Survive ET Disclosure?

If suddenly visitors from beyond our space or understanding landed on the White House lawn, how would the world's political and religious leaders respond? Paul Davies of The Atlantic Monthly wrote in 2003 that the discovery of even a single bacterium somewhere beyond Earth could force mankind to revise its understanding of who we are and where we fit into the cosmic scheme of things. Davies speculated that such a find could throw the human race into a spiritual identity crisis that could leave some gasping for faith in God.

In contrast, the Alexander UFO Religious Crisis Survey of ministers indicated that a majority of people--both religious and non-religious--not only believe in but could accept a genuine ET reality without throwing away God with the bathwater.

Davies hopes this is true. As a cosmologist he sees order in the universe, including the anthropic balances that make life possible elsewhere. This has led to a deep personal interest in the subject of God and ET in which his response to either an ET discovery or visitation would be compatible to his religious ideas. He says the discovery of extraterrestrial life might actually substantiate biblical creation, not challenge it, if mankind is--as the Alexander UFO Religious Crisis Survey suggests--ready for it.

Professor Anthony Tambasco of Georgetown University not only believes the world--including its religious people--is ready for ET, but responding to NASA's recent press releases about life potentially existing on Mars, he said that if the discovery of life is substantiated, "it will not unravel traditional biblical convictions, but rather provide an opportunity to enlarge or broaden them."

In a related CCN article, Sayyid Syeed of the Islamic Society of North America said, "Most Muslims would also welcome the discovery of life off of Earth." The Koran refers to Allah as the God of 'worlds,' he said, not just one world.

Rabbi James Ruden of the American Jewish Committee says most Jews also leave open the possibility of life on other planets in their interpretation of Genesis.

But What If ET Is Already Here, And He's the Devil?

"I have become thoroughly convinced that UFOs are real," popular Christian writer Hal Lindsey once wrote. "I believe these beings are not only extraterrestrial but supernatural in origin. To be blunt, I think they are demons."

Bestselling author and researcher Dr. Lynn Marzulli agrees, depicting alien visitors in his Nephilim books as malevolent forces bent on enslaving the human race.

In Angels Dark and Light, Gary Kinnaman writes that he accepts UFO sightings as the manifestations of angels of darkness. "My main reason for thinking this is that UFO sightings have never, at least to my knowledge, led a person closer to God. In fact, most UFO experiences have just the opposite effect."

Associate professor of psychology Elizabeth L. Hillstrom points out in her book Testing the Spirits that a growing number of scholars support similar conclusions of UFOnauts being synonymous with historical demons. She wrote:

From a Christian perspective, Vallee’s explanation of UFOs is the most striking because of its parallels with demonic activity. UFO investigators have noticed these similarities. Vallee himself, drawing from extrabiblical literature on demonic activities, establishes a number of parallels between UFOnauts and demons....Pierre Guerin, a UFO researcher and a scientist associated with the French National Council for Scientific Research, is not so cautious: "The modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical." Veteran researcher John Keel, who wrote UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse and other books on the subject, comes to the same conclusion: "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."
Other experts including some Christian theologians caution against connecting ET with demonology or similar preliminary conclusions.

To Boldly Go Where Someone Already Is?

Regardless of the position one takes, contact with extraterrestrial life forms has never been closer and the reality of sudden disclosure has entered the mainstream of theological and scientific academia like a battering ram.

In the past five years ESA and NASA scientists have confirmed there were once huge bodies of water on Mars where life could have evolved, and that there might still be water underground and in deep caves where life forms continue to thrive. Elsewhere, astronomers are finding more and more extrasolar planets where the potential for harboring life could exist.

When I asked a friend with top security clearance--whose name and position with the government I won't mention for obvious reasons--what he thought about all of this, here is what he gave me:

Tom, two landers touched down on the planet Mars in what was to become an international search for life. The British Beagle 2 reached the red planet on the day the Savior’s birth was celebrated, December 25th, 2003 and immediately disappeared. European scientists examining images of the lander’s separation from the mothership were startled to find an unidentified object nearby. Shortly after, NASA’s Spirit Rover rolled onto the Gusev Crater, a lake-like depression south of the Martian equator, and began transmitting unexpected images and data from that anomalous terrain. Within days and without explanation, it abruptly stopped. Engineers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory worked on the problem, and the rover was rebooted. But--and here is what you don't know yet--it then photographed something that defied explanation… something that wasn’t supposed to be seen... something you'll know about soon enough.

I wondered if this was a reference to what look like artificial structures on Mars, such as these.

I understand now it's much more substantial.

Will the new Pope face the ET Question?

The chances look better than ever.


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