Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To Promote UFO Disclosure, Raiders News Update Announces Free Merchandise Giveaway Worth $100,000.00!

Yahoo News, July 20, 2005 -- In an exclusive deal with VMI Publishers, Raiders News Update will provide 2 bestselling books and 2 CDs to the first 2000 people that purchase THE AHRIMAN GATE from Amazon.com on August 1, 2005. This is a one-time, one-day, never to be repeated event.

THE AHRIMAN GATE is the highly anticipated and long awaited suspense novel by bestselling authors Tom and Nita Horn. It engages the issues of UFOs, cloning and implantable microchips with frightening yet thrilling story telling, which experts believe will break top ranking for fiction books beginning the first day of release.

"The buying will be fierce," a member of the sales consortium predicted. "This is the first book of its kind--a top shelf A-list novel from a leading publisher being offered with these out-of-the-gate premiums." The first 2000 Amazon.com buyers on August 1 will actually receive four gift items--Spiritual Warfare: The Invisible Invasion (bestselling book), The Gods Who Walk Among Us (bestselling book), and two free CDs following their purchase.

And readers will love THE AHRIMAN GATE, says VMI Publishers CEO Bill Carmichael. "Tom and Nita Horn are at the top of the game and at the top of the list among conservative Christian ufologists. They have appeared as experts on UFOs and End Times prophecy in media around the world, including CBN"s 'The 700 Club', Art Bell's 'Coast to Coast,' and were even invited by Cloud Ten Pictures to serve as national spokespersons for their UFO-related film, "Deceived," staring Louis Gossett Jr. and Judd Nelson. Their novel is a knockout."

THE AHRIMAN GATE begins when Joe Ryback, a twenty-six year old marine whose Lieutenant Colonel father was murdered under mysterious circumstances, stumbles upon a cover-up that reaches to the highest levels of US government and military agencies. When he finds himself too deep to turn back, he struggles to contain the nightmarish forces closing around him. As a mind-boggling phantasm brings him face to face with genetically modified creatures and spiritual-alien forces, a sinister plan unfolds at Montero--a government funded research laboratory--which could usher in the Antichrist and the end of the world.

With dynamic plot twists and unchained high-tech weaponry, THE AHRIMAN GATE moves the reader feverishly toward disclosure of shadow governments involved with transgenic science, Extra Terrestrial Vehicles, crypto-archaeology, and ghastly genetic modifications, convening in a nightmare scenario that takes the breath away.

Positive early reviews of THE AHRIMAN GATE and its content include legendary Ufologist Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, Dr. Lynn Marzulli, Cal Thomas of the LA Times Syndicate, Barbara Simpson on Coast to Coast, Egyptologist Dr. Donald C. Jones, Cryptoarchaeologist David E. Flynn, FATE Magazine Top 100 Ufologist Mike Heiser, and many others.

For more details about THE AHRIMAN GATE, the free-gifts giveaway, or to read excerpts from the book and reviews, visit the official websites www.AhrimanGate.com or www.RaidersNewsUpdate.com

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Stanton Friedman Responds To Allegations Of Being A Deep Cover Operative; Stan Deyo Weighs In


by Thomas Horn

On Wednesday, Phenomena Magazine.Com published a response by Stanton Friedman to allegations contained in their article, "Decoding UFO/Alien Phenomena" accusing Stanton of being a deep cover operative.

"I don't know who the source is," Stanton wrote, "But this is total garbage. Yes, I DID work for the U.S. Government. At Xmas vacation, I worked for the U.S. Post Office in Linden, New Jersey as a College Sophomore at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

THAT IS IT. Anybody who says different is LYING. Bill Moore and I did meet with Stan Deyo many years ago in Arizona. He was pumping us for information.

"Operation Gold Eagle" was a program in which the Foreign Technology Division of the U.S. Air Force at Wright Patterson AF Base would send out for evaluation translations of technical articles by Eastern European Scientists to American Scientists knowledgeable in the technology area noted in the article. It was not a classified program. I knew about it because I was project engineer on a contract that Aerojet General Nucleonics in San Ramon, California, had with FTD dealing with Soviet Published Articles that might be useful in the development of nuclear reactors for space vehicle applications.

The nefarious Milton William Cooper, along with many other lies in "Behold a Pale Horse," charged that Budd Hopkins, Bruce Maccabee and I were undercover with the CIA,... presumably because we weren't buying his many lies.

Budd does have a degree from Oberlin in Ohio. He isn't a counselor. He is of great assistance to people who may have been abducted. He did work with psychologists, etc.

The claims against us are COMPLETE and total FABRICATIONS. May I repeat: I AM NOT A DISINFORMATION AGENT. I have worked for NO intelligence agencies. READ what I have written.You or anybody else will note that unlike many in the field, I do my research, BACK UP MY CLAIMS WITH FACTS. I guess it is not surprising that the source is anonymous. Charlatans usually lack courage and don't have facts to back up their charges."


Because the article at Phenomena Magazine.Com used as a source an original report by New Dawn Magazine, which included information about a clandestine meeting in 1983 at an all night cafe in Arizona between Stan Deyo, Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman, I asked Stan Deyo to comment on the rehash of this event.

"Tom, I did read the article from New Dawn that you sent me. I remember giving the NEXUS lecture they quoted back in 1992. However, the allegations in it are ones I would have made based on the meeting with Moore and Friedman that morning in 1983 in Arizona.

The meeting was between them and my director for "The Eye of the Storm" and myself at an all night cafe in Yavapai County, Arizona. It was near the Yavapai University where Moore and Friedman had given a lecture that day.

I was trying to see how much they knew about the program I had been recruited into years before (The Teller Group). Moore said to me that they would take us out into the parking lot and would tell us all about the project if we would give them the correct "password". I paused momentarily thinking he was referring to "Blue Falcon"....

I said, "the password is not one but two words and if you guys will tell us the correct passwords I will share with you about the project." Stanton looked at me and said, "Oh, you mean, 'Gold Eagle'".

Playing their game I said the password was incorrect - though at the time I was amazed that he named a high flying bird and a color just like I was thinking but not saying. Be that as it was, the meeting came to a short end after that.

Later, all we could figure was that they were part of a clandestine group within the government since they wanted a password from us and were acting so strangely when I was really trying to help them. Later, we heard that Moore had done work for some alphabet group (Air Force Intel or CIA?) and that it had leaked out causing ripples throughout the UFO research community. Whether there was truth to it or not I do not know. You have heard how Moore (more than Stanton) reacted to my probes at that meeting back in 1983.

I really can't see the value of the issue so many years after the fact.

I just met Stanton in Roswell as he was staying at the same hotel. I couldn't figure out why he was being so aloof and acting as though he didn't recognize me when I spoke to him twice at breakfast.... I guess either he didn't remember me by appearance or that he was irritated by the New Dawn article.

Anyway, as best I can remember, the meeting at that cafe around 1AM was just as I said above.

The last thing the true researchers into the UFO/Alien situation need is more division. Maybe this info will help clarify the topic.


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